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The Rabbit Hole Cafe, Agoura Hills, CABe careful, Just a step off of Thousand Oaks blvd. and you might just find yourself falling down a hole, The Rabbit Hole, that is! Agoura Hill’s newest health food hub for the culinary conscious. The secret’s out and both locals and non-locals alike are coming from every direction to this new health food haunt.

Don’t let the “health” in health food fool you! A playground of culinary exploration where the chefs’ favorite past time is creating the most clever and inventive dishes out of the freshest food prepared using locally-sourced ingredients. Gmo and preservative free, This cafe with a conscious is committed to using sustainable practices including reusable, recyclable and compostable materials with an attention to reducing waste.

The Rabbit Hole prides itself on creating a thoughtful menu that will titillate the taste buds of even the most discerning customer. The ever swelling wave of whole body consciousness is creating a culture that demands more cautious consideration of what we consume. Rising to the demands of stricter dietary needs this cozy neighborhood cafe offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options without compromising freshness flavor or fun!

The uniquely whimsical environment of the Rabbit Hole is packed with personality. You might be wrangled into tasting a new sample dish or sharing a table and a conversation with a neighbor. The Rabbit Hole has something for everyone.


The Rabbit Hole Cafe