Dearest Rabbit Hole Cafe Friends, Family, Dedicated Customers and Visitors

Nearly four years ago, driven by curiosity and wonder about the food we eat, where it comes from, how it affects our bodies and the world around us, we began our journey and went on a creative adventure down the Rabbit Hole.

Passionately determined to make delicious and unique vegetarian and vegan comfort food, served in a relaxed environment where community could be built, The Rabbit Hole Cafe in Agoura Hills was born and has become our “neighborhood cafe with a conscience.”

Our menu has developed over time, as we have, thanks to our ever evolving test kitchen, shaped by the shared knowledge and preferences of our staff and customers. In addition, we have enjoyed catering a variety of your special events and luncheons for amazing organizations like PETA. We served at local community events like The Great Race of Agoura Hills and vegan festivals all over LA county. Through our work, we have learned more and more about food sustainability and the environment which even led us to host a local screening of the eye-opening documentary film Cowspiracy. The Rabbit Hole Cafe became a meeting place for intimate friendships, colleague meetings, business gatherings and a venue for local youths to express themselves and share their talents. For all of this we are deeply grateful.

As many of you know, we recently launched Rabbit Hole Foods, a line of vegan and gluten-free pantry items, sauces and frozen foods. It is our quest to bring Rabbit Hole Foods to the greater population. After a long period of time engaged in both the day-to-day operation of the cafe and the development of new business we have learned that in order to accomplish our mission, Rabbit Hole Foods will require more of our time, resources and focus.

Despite the beautiful discoveries and accomplishments we experienced down the rabbit hole, we have also faced the challenges of sustaining a small independent business. And it is only after great contemplation of our history and the visioning of our future that we have come to a difficult decision. Today, we announce, with a heavy heart, that we will be closing The Rabbit Hole Cafe in Agoura Hills on Wednesday, November 25th. The cafe in this location has lived a beautiful purpose and we have been blessed.

We want to share our deepest gratitude for all of you that have been part of the Rabbit Hole Cafe family—friends, family, dedicated customers, and visitors passing on by—your support has been endless. Our conversations have been meaningful. The smiles on your faces and your appreciation for us will be unforgettable. Our greatest gratitude goes to our dedicated staff, old and new, those that helped us start the cafe, those that jumped on and off the journey and those that may move on with us. Our staff came to the Rabbit Hole because they believed in what we did and they wanted to be a part of it. Many of you have commented on the care and delight of our employees. We couldn’t say enough. But their generosity in work has been the reason we have served you well for this long. In the end, this was a self managed team that has cared for The Rabbit Hole as if it were their own!

Our mission is for Rabbit Hole Foods to be available to the public via e commerce sites, and independent and nation wide markets. Locally, we intend to keep popping up at community events and to offer catering for your personal and corporate needs.

Our hearts will always be with The Rabbit Hole Cafe and we are open to the possibility of future incarnations. We welcome you to continue a conversation with us by connecting with us via email at

We will post our whereabouts via our current Facebook, Instagram and Website sites.

Please visit us until November 25th in Agoura Hills so that we may say goodbye together to this great little cafe!

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. More importantly, thank you all for being YOU.

With Love & Gratitude,


The Rabbit Hole Cafe