"The BEST vegan crab dip I've had since not eating real crab. Thanks Rabbit Hole Foods for making this incredible salad (which i used more like a dip.) I found this treasure while in SoCal a few weeks back at Rainbow Bridge Ojai."

- @collardcowgirl

"Dear Rabbit Hole Foods, Busy days like today I have to eat in my car, but honey ya'll made every bite worth it!! This untuna salad is Very Good!!!! I love making this at home, so to have a quick pickup option while out and about is great!!! Thank you!! Purchased at @wholefoods"

- @iamtabithabrown


- Very Happy Customer

"I was blown away by how delicious this crab salad was from Rabbit Hole Foods! The main ingredient is jackfruit. Easy and super delicious. You know I'm a fan! Can't wait to try the others."

- @turnipvegan

I have to say, I think this was one of the best tuna melts I've ever eaten in my life! Seriously! I think this brand is the best vegan tuna brand out there. To all my fellow vegans out thurr... RUN don't WALK to Whole Foods and TRY IT RIGHT MEOW!

- @aveganfeminist